The hidden cost of Frontend

Joomla 3.9 introduced a new feature for content privacy which is a great addition to the tools provided out of the box but, after 4 patches and countless mentions for it, still has a flaw. A major one...

No more cookies please

Image by: Alex Loup

Monolithic applications, like PHP CMS', usually need a way to synchronise the state of the client [browser] with their own, but there are cases that a stateless application will work fine. Let's explore how we can achieve a cookieless Joomla instance


Solving Joomla’s UX problems


Joomla 4.0 is painstakingly crafted by a bunch of people. One of the main areas of improvement was to simplify the convoluted User Experience. So how things are evolving? What’s the plan there?

Hey, hi, how're you doing?

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